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Todd is a past recipient of the Construction

Writers Association 

(CWA) Website Award 

for excellence in site content and navigation​

"I HEAR THERE'S RUMORS ON THE, UH, INTERNETS ..." – President George W. Bush, 2004 

Whatever direction, be assured The Willman Group can give you a clearer message with less clutter, resulting in a presence on the Web that delivers improved results. And, we know how to tie your digital footprint into your other media choices so that your business maximizes its message with clarity and consistency.

Why, we've been working with the 'Internets' long before Al Gore invented them!

Indeed, Mr. President.

I discovered my first 'Internets' back in 1988 and began my first corporate web site development and e-business work in early 1990 – backed by the powerhouse arm of a top B2B ad agency. I've been at it ever since, creating sites from greenfield starts and strengthening content and focus for some sites that run hundreds of screen-views deep.

I do much of the work myself. When size and scope dictate, I liaison with some of the best IT and Web pros in the region who are highly skilled in e-mail blasting, site hosting and visitor tracking and statistics. I provide strategic direction, creative ideas, site concepts and navigation direction  – and if needed, work closely with select high-end designers to complete the actual build and coding. 

I also integrate attention-grabbing product video-clips into live web sites, or can create digital VNRs (video news releases).

I've customized 'bolt-on' pages for special promotions and new products, and worked with Blogging, social media, and Google(R) Analytics and AdWords for keywording, site visit frequency and search engine optimization (SEO). 

I love to get the creative juices going with a new design challenge and message, and myself and my partners always enjoy an end result that's valuable to the customer and a memorable experience for the visitor.