I've been creating employee newsletters long before desktop publishing.  (Yikes, how I hate saying that!).

I can work in your budget for single color or multi-color newsletters, stand-alone or as self-mailers. 

I'm good with a camera too. The AP thought so, when they awarded me Photo of the Year honors many years ago. Together we can shoot your photos, or work with a professional to match your budget.

I personally gave the memorable identity of 'QuikStik' to a fast-cycle elevating boom design and

created 'Point N' Go'  for a unique joystick drive propulsion system. The artists created a lasting highly visual logo and a strong brand identity was born. Today my unique phrase is part of an industry language – end-users on every continent ask for this model of product by this name!      

Web and print ads, technical illustrative art, magazine ads, handouts, newsletters and more!

Good ads, good collateral, and a good plan.

Like Col. Hannibal Smith of The A-Team said: "I LOVE it when a plan comes together!"

We don't just build ads. We build ideas into thoughts and images that whet the appetite, that drive and motivate buyers. And create interest and intrigue in your business – and your product or service. We work with a wide variety of skilled professionals in parts illustration, graphics, video, design, digital, social media and more. 

Across the country and around the world. Five Rolodexes full; (remember those things?).

Everyone on our team is a skilled pro, gifted at what they do, and a creative genius in their own right. Whether their gig is in corporate communications, or in grinding out their craft during the day at top marketing agencies.

In our project management role, The Willman Group reviews the unique skills you need for your project. Whether we scale up the resources needed for your job or not, our project-based costing allows any small business to afford great outsourced work, while our top-tier resources are always at-hand should a complex task dictate more horsepower. 

Why buy high hourly rates for expensive production work, if your job doesn't need it?

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 'How DID You DO That?'

The best ads fool the eye – and this clever visual was no exemption!

First, we bought our case of champagne bottles. We broke three to get the perfect combination of large pieces. We created a custom label and added red streamers on the neck, followed by adhering wire pipe-cleaners with glue to hold the larger sections of glass to the machine itself. Next, we brought in the professional hand-model, for the perfect look of a lovely feminine hand.

We took a baseline shot of this creation in a darkened room on a sound-stage so later we could drop in the blue background at left and top. Then using our capable assistant, we had him hold some lit sparklers from behind, while he pushed the 'jumping sparks'  towards camera into a space between the large suspended pieces and the larger neck of the bottle. Then we took our final shot.

Experience is knowing how to cost-effectively transform a unique idea into reality – using creativity, the right people, and proper technical know-how to make it happen!