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PARTING SHOTS: A Few of Our More Memorable Quotes

"OK. Tell me again why we need to spend money on this Internet thing."
  – Senior VP of Marketing for a Fortune 500 company (waayyy back in 1989)

"Please allow me to thank you once again for a job very well done.

This association is indebted to your service and the relationship we enjoy..."
  – President, The American Rental Association (ARA)

"I don't know what this dish is called, but our guests love it."
  – Event coordinator, private anniversary celebration reception

"I thank you for your efforts in promoting what we can become. 

Shall I ever personally be able to be of service, do not hesitate to call."
  –  A. James Manchin, Secretary of State - West Virginia (late father of U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin)

"We aren't used to this kind of hospitality. You fed us, took care of us, and treated us like real people. Anything we needed all night, you were right there. We don't usually get that kind of treatment, anywhere that we go." 
  – Peter Rivera, founding member of the rock band Rare Earth, that recorded such hits as 'Get Ready,'
I Just Want to Celebrate,' and 'Hey Big Brother' 

"The end result was a professionally-run and altogether impressive program, and the Company will most assuredly profit because of your efforts and dedication."
  – Chairman and CEO of a Fortune 100 company