The late Neil Armstrong (right),

was a keynote speaker for a

crowd of 900 in Las Vegas, NV.

We booked and managed this appearance of the iconic

'First Man on the Moon'

​It was like a task from Mission Impossible: Gov. Martin O'Malley of Maryland wants to fly in on a commercial flight for a local visit and ribbon-cutting ceremony. My task was to coordinate that day's activity with the Governor's Press Office, local county government officials, airport security and operations staff and airline team members from the Strategic Operations Center down to local station personnel. 

It went off without a hitch, and the Governor flew in also accompanied by officials from the county chamber of commerce – who benefited from some exclusive one-on-one time with him, while in the air!

Take them out to the golf course, a NASCAR race, or an evening of entertainment

​​​Dealing With the Media: It's Far (FAR) Better to Deal, Than to Duel 
 Sometimes you just can't beat the old reliable press release as a means of sending out your valuable news. 

Whether print or electronic, the critical test is HOW you send it, and WHO gets it. If your delivery system is unreliable and your

point-of-contact is a new intern finding their way around the office, then good luck! 

I earned my early stripes by way of 'baptism-and-fire' in a fast-paced newsroom, working as the youngest-ever Newspaper Editor within the Ogden News Group. Today I understand how news moves from a company desk to an editor and then to publication. And I know why some content makes it into print – and why much of it doesn't.

To help spread your news, The Willman Group uses a leading e-distribution media service with phenomenal success. And I keep in touch with 30 years worth of personal contacts in the media – "moles" in their organizations – who personally trust myself and my associates, and know who we are. 

For that more weighty information, I have a great relationship with a national publicist, who also does professional media training for corporate CEOs and executives.

I also offer services for simple and complex booklets, pamphlets and other handouts for business and community relations projects. Plus, I partner with several high-quality printers in the region and can get you the very best costs and delivery times.

"Mr. Wilman’s experience in operational logistic planning, multimedia formatting, and most importantly,

high profile talent/artist booking and coordination, is certainly on a national level of expertise. I very much

appreciate Mr. Willman’s dedication and professionalism to his craft. Todd is always quick to make           

positive ‘on the fly’ decisions and adjustments, to make every event successful."                               –  Operations and Production Manager,                                                                                                                                                                                                        Penn State University's Pullo Center

The creative direction was simple:

Produce an eye-catching invitation for a group of attendees at the International Reading Association conference in San Antonio.

Combine a southwestern influence that can attract show attendees focused on elementary textbooks. Host an after-show reception at a popular locale along a scenic tourist venue. Make personal contacts, and book – so to speak – some sales.

    Discussing politics with Bush senior advisor Karl Rove

If you want to really WOW your group, ask me about talent search. I have contacts regionally and also nationally. Over the years I've handled contracts and booked on-site appearances for bands, stilt-walkers, presidential lookalikes, barbershop quartets, and even a famous astronaut who walked on the Moon.

I shop cost, read the contract riders – and yes, I've handled those "No green M&Ms!"  issues!

Corporate hospitality, public relations and customer events

​​Good PR delivers real value but it can also often refresh and reinvigorate your own team. Instead of thanking just customers, do the same for your group to get them to step up to meet new challenges and new opportunities.

Racing schools, desert jeep rides, bus tours and unique company team-building events in casinos, museums, and more. Any can be
 customized to meet the needs of

both budget and impact.

Grow your employee's involvement and interest in your business and give them 
a fun event they will talk about for years to come!

This a great example of turnkey customer hospitality from start to finish:
Work with a prestigious private country club on a full day event starting weeks prior – custom invitations, select wines and memorable menu selections. Scout, schedule and manage the after-dinner entertainment and prize awards for a group of Fortune 500 management attendees. 

Organize a group clinic with the PGA club Pro, create custom cart signs and gift bags, manage course refreshments, and do dozens of complimentary foursome photos. Ceate an unforgettable round of golf on 
a fantastic course. 

We'd love to make an appreciation outing like this the perfect event for your

valued customers!

(717) 860-4011

Chambersburg, PA 17202  USA

You need to plan for a 300-room housing block for a huge international trade show,

knowing that many of your attendees are coming from outside the U.S.

Want to make them feel welcome?

Create a custom booklet detailing popular sites, restaurants, golf courses, shopping and spas in the area; include transportation options and medical information as well.

A unique touch like this gets you the kind of Kudos that are usually reserved only
 for the local Chamber of Commerce! 

Give Your Customers a Day Full of Memories!

Imagine hosting a hospitality tent with refreshing adult beverages,

a little baked crabmeat crostini, perhaps some Asian teriyaki chicken sate.' All focused around a golf, sporting or social event.

How about we plan a day where we strap some folks into a stock-car 
and give them a real thrill with our friends at the Richard Petty Driving Experience?

I've done that and more – hosting corporate pavilion hospitality and receptions at NASCAR, AHL and NFL venues in Las Vegas, Washington, Hershey, New Orleans and Charlotte. I've also worked alongside PGA golf professionals to interact with customers and guests during what I call 
'clinics and cocktails.'

Every time, no matter the sport or occasion, visitors talked about the unique corporate experience I managed for months and years to come.

Grabbing Eyeballs and TV Time

How about that deep desire for some big-time logo placement that also grabs you some great TV exposure?

Whether golf, racing, football, hunting or something else, make sports marketing and customer hospitality your winning edge with The Willman Group.

Have an interest in a team look or need logo'd gear, race car or branding designs, apparel, or promotional team items?

​We're all about that too – just call us!